Searching for specific in my choice of words (energy source rather a good heat source) because technically electricity isn’t heat besides the fact that what we’re actually going to use this energy for could be to heat our smoker.

Heat is desirable in a smoking afficionado for two purposes: –

  • To make heat for cooking (unless cold smoking)
  • To make smoke

Generally speaking the source of the heating is in the lower chamber of the smoker because hot air faveurs and this creates the draft that passes the smoking over the food in the food chamber. The one exception to this very is if you have a remote smoke generator (other than in the particular of the smoker) and in this case you might want to have a secondary heat up source directly in the food chamber.

The fuel and also energy source that you use must be a clean source in this particular the products of combustion are odorless (in most cases basically carbon dioxide and water) otherwise you will taint the flavor to your food. Thus the preferred choices for fuel are charcoal, energy (propane or natural gas) or oil vape pen kit . The one omission to the clean source rule is wood which when ever burned does give off a flavor but seeing as it’s actual this flavor that we are trying to capture, forgive me should i refer these energy sources as clean, I’m trying to bumble over distinction to petroleum and oil based products.

The advantage of electrical energy is that it is super clean, it is pure heat and nothing else. Electricity is also really convenient in that you can just plug it in and go and assuming that you smoker has a technique for adjusting the flow of electricity then it also makes for that really easy way to control the temperature within your smoker. Whenever cost comes into the equation then generally speaking electricity is an efficient source of energy.

The down side to electricity is that it’s damaging especially when used outdoors and or where water is concerned. For anybody who is on a long cookout then you are going to have your smoker out of doors for long periods of time – what if it rains? For these reasons every electrical appliance should be sheltered and placed on an inert surface such as concrete, so electricity itself might be quite cheap but if you have to build a dedicated smoking area in your own backyard just to use electricity then it puts an alternate complexion on the costs.

You could argue that provided you have a rather long cable and your external socket is protected then you possess answer. There issue with this is that the longer the cord, the more significant the voltage drop and therefore the less powerful your heat provision will be even to the point where it might not be sufficient. Another point to mention with long cables is that the cable will need the appropriate current rating otherwise it will get very hot and will potentially catch fire.

One final point about electric power is that it is only as portable as where you have a plug. For sure you can get electricity at most camp grounds but if you into hunting and fishing than an electric smoker is to a challenge. If portability is important to you, then maybe energy isn’t the right way to go.